Ingrid de Beer - co-organiser

'How can we feel safer in a changing world?'

March 17, 2014 News

Q: What do you do when you’re not organising TEDxHagueAcademy?

IdB: I studied law, and though I’m not working in it now, it’s always been my fascination, and I’ve always worked with it. I travelled around the world, worked in Africa and in the United States.

Then when I returned to the Netherlands I saw there was something that could be done a bit better. In The Hague there are so many organisations that work on peace and justice – about 160! But I realised that there weren’t so many people either in the Netherlands or abroad who actually know what all these organisations were doing. So my job is to shed some light on the work of these organisations, and how it affects people around the world.

Q: How did TEDxHagueAcademy come about?

IdB: It was set up for last year’s Peace and Justice event. TEDx is a nice concept because it’s about people sharing personal stories and having great ideas in different fields. So also for the theme of peace and justice I think it was an ideal concept to use. It provided a podium for different perspectives and solutions from around the world on peace and justice.

Q: How did you arrive at the theme of Secure Societies for this first Salon event?

IdB: Well, in two ways. Firstly, I’ve always thought that security is a precondition for peace and justice. Secondly, we’re having the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. This is concentrated on 58 world leaders, who’ll be talking for two days about how to prevent terrorists from using nuclear materials.

This is such a technical topic for a group of world leaders, and I wasn’t sure if this was the most effective way to secure the world. So we decided to broaden it out, and involve many more security-related topics and people that have great ideas on securing the world in many different ways.So our TEDx Salon is kind of linked to the Nuclear Security Summit, but not really. It’s more about getting people to think how we can feel safer in a world that is changing rapidly.

Q: What’s your main role in the run up to the event?

IdB: My main role is actually taking care of the stakeholders and partners, the many organisations in the Netherlands and abroad that all have great ideas about what this TEDx should be.

I’m also in charge of the fundraising, which is important because we don’t want to charge any entrance fee, because we want to make it as accessible as possible. We don’t want it to be exclusively for highbrows. A lot of students have signed up, and just people who live in The Hague and want to know more about what’s going on.

Q: Is everything ready for Wednesday?

I think it’s all going very well. Everybody’s very busy at the moment, but everyone in the team knows exactly what they have to do. So I’m very confident that it’s going to be a great event! Something that you shouldn’t miss. I think it will be something that people will talk about for weeks afterwards too.