September 2013

Peace x Justice

Peace x Justice or Peace and Justice was the name of the first event TEDxHagueAcademy held on the 9th of September, 2013. Twelve inspiring talks on Human Rights, Peace and Justice guided us through the day at the wonderful Peace Palace in The Hague. Speakers like Vithika Yadav (Stop Sexual Violence in India) and Theodor Meron (International Justice on Trial) made this day special with plenty of interesting issues to discuss on - and off - line for many days after the event.




Neal Katyal

From defending Bin Laden’s driver to disrupting drone strikes

Michael Liu

Why the Chinese have to be involved with international justice

Hadi Marifat

The Memory Box: Making Afghan victims’ memories and stories matter

Faisal Attrache

Barbers and Barriers: Connections in a Syrian refugee camp


Behind the scenes

This is what to expect if you register to attend the next event

Defending Bin Ladens driver to disrupting drones

Memory Box - Making Afghan victims memories matter

Chinese need to be involved with international justice