March 2014

TEDxHagueAcademySalon Secure Societies

The word 'secure' has lots of different meanings for all of us. But most would agree that ‘security’ ranks up there with ‘peace’, ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’ as one of those concepts that can be debated, pulled apart, disagreed about – but is essential to our lives. 

Our Secure Societies Salon was a fun and focused evening packed with ideas worth spreading, dealing with thought-provoking questions: What does it mean to live in a Secure Society? What are the new elements that are needed to help us towards security? What’s the balance between security and freedom?Our partner The Hague University provided a great location full of young, energetic, international students, at an inspiring, enriching and engaging evening.

For a flavour of the event see the programme, read more about the speakers and watch the videos.



Wrap-up of the day

Looking back at TEDxHagueAcademySalon Secure Societies

Video: Meet the speakers

The TEDxHagueAcademySalon speakers behind the scenes

Andro Vos: new technologies at the crime scene

“You can now present a virtual crime scene in court.”

Vera Winthagen: design thinking

"We try to find the problem behind the problem."