Pascal van Gimst

“I see companies all say ‘we want to be secure’, but they’ve actually no idea what that means,” says Pascal van Gimst of Riscure. “It’s like my 12-year-old son saying ‘I want to be famous.’”


Riscure works for sectors where the security stakes are high – online credit card payment, pay TV or internet-based energy metering, for instance. Many companies see internet security as certification that can be bought, a box to be ticked, Van Gimst says. But it’s more like brushing your teeth. It’s something you have to do every day for the rest of your life to protect yourself.

So how does Van Gimst go about improving his clients’ security?

“I have 25 hackers on my team. We break stuff. We don’t tell it to the press, we tell it to our customers.”


Website: Riscure

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